Hi! my name is
Tim Clark, and I am a
full stack web developer
from Los Angeles, CA.

About Me
I am a web developer who works primarily in JavaScript, React, Node/Express, and MongoDB. As a longtime musician, I came to coding through an interest in the intersection between art and technology. Currently I am working on improving my Ambient Music App and porting it to mobile using React Native.


Generative music app built in React that creates random chords and melodies, and allows users to process audio from the freesound.org API. Users can change song settings and save their unique composition to a database. This project was built in a one week sprint.


Trivia web app which pulls questions from a 3rd party API and allows users to compete in real time over web sockets. This is a team project that was built in a one week agile sprint. I was primarily responsible for socket.io and some backend logic.


Web application where users can upload files that are stored in S3 cloud storage on Amazon Web Services. Meta data is stored in MongoDB. This project was built in a one week sprint.

Simon Memory Game

Recreation of the classic memory game. The computer plays back a random sequence of colors and the user must click on the same sequence to advance to the next level, where the sequence gets longer and faster. This game was built in a one week sprint.

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